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2014 Annual Report
Preliminary Final Report of 2014
4th Quarter 4C Report for 2014

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About us
Company background
Treyo Leisure and Entertainment Ltd. (Treyo) was an Australia company registered in May 2008. It is the parent company of Matsuoka Mechatronics (China) Co., Limited (Matsuoka), which is a wholly foreign-owned limited liability company incorporated in the People’s Republic of China.  
Corporate Governance Investment highlights
The Board is committed to principles of best practice in corporate governance. The Board has relied on the ASX Corporate Governance Council’s Revised Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations in formulating its corporate governance policies and practices. Matsuoka’s competitive strengths are: its strong market presence - in 2007 it acheived approximately 65% of the premium end of the domestic Chinese market for automatic mahjong tables;
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