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Development Strategy

MATSUOKA which is wholly owned by Treyo Leisure and Entertainment Ltd. Matsuoka continuously encourages professional development, a trustworthy corporate governance structure, a clear function flow, and a strong management system, which builds up the management cycle of “target, plan, evaluation and salary”. This company works towards a brand strategy, strict quality requirement, and R&D innovations which leading the industry. Through a differentiation of main and subsidiary brands, it has entered the home appliance industry successfully, and has become one of the biggest companies that produce automatic mahjong machines in the world.

(1) Strategy of brand. As a creator of automatic mahjong machines in China, this company has always had strong branding. Throughout the 13-year development, Treyo Brand has achieved high recognition by consumers, and deposited favorable public praises. According to brand popularity the study of automatic mahjong machines carried out by CCID Consulting, 85% of consumers in the market recognise Treyo, a figure far greater than other brands. According to studies on brand reputation, the after-sales services Treyo provides assists it in having a positive reputation amongst 76% of the market., This goodwill has not only helped Treyo have a strong history, but has also been a cornerstone in the long-term development of Matsuoka Mechatronics.

(2) Strategy of innovation. In the automatic mahjong machine industry, under spending on research has seriously affected businesses in the industry. A history of corporate success shows that only by constantly innovating, designing and researching & designing products that meet consumers’ demand, can the company grow profits. As the company moves into the family market research and development will focus on features such as furniture environment, product appearance and functions, portability-light and energy consumption.

(3) Scale strategy. In order to maintain our presence amongst competitors, we have focused on our product and branding to shape the scale of operation, and effectively reduce product costs. Scale of operation drives the development of upstream and downstream industries, forms a strong and industry chain structure, and further guarantees Matsuoka retains a good relationship with the industry.

(4) Strategy of expanding international market. Matsuoka has many competitive advantages including scale and R&D thus it is able to adapt to meet requirements of many types of automatic mahjong machines. According to the literature of the 7th World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention in 2003, there are 41,060,000 Chinese throughout the world. Sales of OK machines in the Turkish market has increased dramatically recently. The company recognises the opportunity to expand into the overseas market in order to maintain the growth of the brand.

  (5) Strategy of moderate diversification. As the family market grows, and mahjong machines change to meet their requirements, Matsuoka will carry out its strategy of moderate diversification.
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