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I. Maintenance Service:

 (1) From the date of purchase, Treyo Super series of products have 3 years guarantee; Treyo “Flyer” series of products have 2 years guarantee; and Treyo 3A, Treyo AMOS and Treyo Congratulation series of products have a year guarantee. Out of the guarantee period, profitable service is provided according to customers’ demand.
(2) Mahjong tiles, outline frame, table board flannelette, shuffle ring interlining and patch of shuffle tray are easily-damaged products, and are a customers responsibility to pay the expenses if maintenance or replacement parts are needed.
(3) Under the warranty, customers must show the purchase receipt and guarantee to get the product repaired free of charge in the local Matsuoka sales service station if malfunction occurs because of product’s own quality.

(4) When purchasing the machine, customers have to fill the guarantee (in triplicate) and hold the “customer subsistence page” of the guarantee, and if the machine is repaired, customers have to show the guarantee to make sure that the product is still under warranty.
(5) A payable service is provided for products that do not fall under the guarantee. Fees of repair and fittings will be the final charge.
(6) If a customer cannot produce a guarantee, we would calculate the guarantee period based on product manufacturing date.
2. The following examples are not covered by the warrantee, and a paid service is is required.  
(1) The product has passed the guarantee period
(2) The contents filled on the guarantee do not match with machine needing repair or have been altered.
(3) The serial number on the product has been changed or removed.
(4) Damages occurred because of customers’ incorrect transportation, installation, use, maintenance or storage.
(5) Damages occurred because of a customers’ repair, refitting or disassembly, or any repair made by person who is not authorized by Treyo.
(6) Any damage occurs because of environmental conditions of product use, such as electrical source, temperature, humidity and etc., as these are elements are beyond our company’s control.
(7) Damages occurred because of force majeure.

II. Frequently Asked Questions:
1. The four dice lights take turns to flash till the alarm rings and the machine does not work.
Answer: When the machine can not make restore itself, the following parts should be checked: chain motor, connection circuit of chain motor, photo electricity of final positioning chain rod, photoelectrical circuit and main board.
2. Switching-on card does not work.
Answer: Check swiping card, card, card reader, connection circuit of main board and card reader, and main board.
3. Chain motor is not reversed after mahjong tiles are shuffled on 6 bit machine.
Answer: Check chain motor, motor reversal wire (white wire) and main board.
4. Thrust lifting device on single side does not discard mahjong tiles.
Answer: Check main board, thrust lift motor, coupling shaft housing, bevel gear, horizontal driving lever, lifting crank, and cooperation between lifting shaft and lifting shaft bearing.
5. After mahjong tiles on the first side are shuffled, the machine stops working on the second side without finishing the shuffle.
Answer: Check the concrete part in the shuffle system that stops working and find suitable methods to the problem.
Adopt corresponding check measures if the whole machine stops working.
6. Once in a while, the machine shuffles 20 stack, 21 stack till locked when shuffling mahjong tiles on the third side.
Answer: Check chain motor and main board.
7. Fuse tube burns off once it is fixed.
Answer: ① Domestic electrical voltage is too high. ② Output voltage of circular power transformer is too high.
8. The shuffle tray runs slowly, especially when there are lots of mahjong tiles on it.
Answer: Check the swashplate motor to see whether it is strong enough and check the timing belt to see whether it has become loose.
9. When mahjong tiles get shuffled and restoration light is on, the chain is restored over again.
Answer: The procedure has fallen out of order and main board needs to be changed.
10. The motor keeps running once the machine tray is switched on.
Answer: The procedure has fallen into disorder and main board needs to be changed.
11. Center circle keeps rising and falling.
Answer: Check K1K2 photoelectricity to see whether it has been damaged; check main board and the circuit that connects main board and K1K2; and check the flange magnet to see whether it has broken off or not.
Occasionally, another pack of mahjong is not shuffled when last round has finished; 12. The restoration light is on.
Answer: The procedure has fallen out of order and main board needs to be changed.
13. The machine has no reaction; electrical source indicator light is on; dice button is available while button for lifting is unavailable.
Answer: Check whether it is 0 gear, main board, lifting motor and connection circuits for lifting motor.
14. Differences between synchronous and asynchronous motor and ways to distinguish synchronous motor from asynchronous motor.
Answer: ① Synchronous motor is the motor whose output shaft’s speed has not been changed by the gear box, while asynchronous motor is the motor whose output shaft’s speed has been changed by gear box. ② Asynchronous motor is relatively larger than synchronous motor.
Synchronous motor has pile driving motor, chain motor, thrust lift motor and lifting motor.
15. Asynchronous motor has conveying motor, swashplate motor, lifting motor (Treyo) and magnetic ring motor.
The magnetic ring does not move freely.
Answer: Check to see whether the driver moves freely, whether the dimension of the gaps among the four wheels is suitable and whether beef tendon ring skids or not.
16. The support board is higher on one side and lower on the other.
Answer: Adjust height of lifting crank of the horizontal driving machine.
17. Conveying belt works by fits and starts. 
Answer: Check to see whether rubber wheels or belts skid or not; see whether conveying motor or drum wheel is abraded.
18. Methods to identify garbled-machine:
Answer: ①Swipe the card. ② Check serial number of the machine.

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