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  Talent Mechanism
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Talent Mechanism

Instill a team spirit, contribute ideas, cooperate with colleagues and share knowledge and success.  
Be innovative, not bound by previous experience or authority, explore and expand new innovations.
Ben open to learning and continue to undertake professional research.
Be responsible for the company, colleagues and customers
Maintain a strong work ethic and duty to the job, and keep the same values for with the company 
Have a healthy mind and body, and respect colleagues, customers and themselves and keep a peaceful attitude 
Selection Methods for Values
Use various evaluation methods to assess each competitor equally
Look for potential and long-term benefits values bring instead of the instant success and benefit.
Level of education and ability are important yet not the only judging standards
Ability is more important than degree, morality is more important than ability
Give priority in promoting internal employees while sourcing experienced management from outside Matsuoka  
Ideals for Getting the Most out of Values
Choose the right person for the job and reward staff for their merits.
Strengthen internal training to increase employees’ competency for the job
Trust management, respect their delegation and evaluate staff by their performance
Respect all employees, learn from mistakes and provide opportunities for all staff
Salary Strategy
Balance personal life with work life
Give priority to key employees and those working in technology, marketing and other critical departments.
Attract and retain innovative, trustworthy and loyal employees.
Implement total remuneration system, which combines internal compensation (promotion opportunity, larger independent working space, challenging work and fulfillment from work) with external remuneration (competitive salary, good quality of life and working hours and holidays).

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