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Chairman's Speech

Treyo is patient, which is required in an innovative company. We take a long-term view during the research and design process. Because of this, we don’t mind if staff make mistakes while working on improving technology, quality and management. We also encourage staff to work as a team in order to produce better results. We welcome originality and are willing to share ideals. We hope all employees will keep thinking creatively in their contributions to the perpetual innovation of the company.

Treyo requires employees to increase their level of responsibility and  reward employees who do. The companies sense of duty is the basis for Treyo to guarantee outstanding product quality and satisfactory service.
Treyo attaches great importance to talented people. Special skills are nurtured and developed. We have established an effective incentive and competitive mechanism to guarantee that each of the employees may improve on a level playing ground.

Treyo is everlasting, because we are dedicated to a benefiting all stakeholders. Through this, Treyo has established a “kinship” with partners including suppliers, distributors, customers, employees, investors.

Treyo works as one team. We respect honesty and creditability guaranteeing customer satisfaction through quality products and continuous innovation.  We adhere to the business policy of “quality first, brand foremost” and keep on pursuing perfection and self-transcending. Our goal is to let each of the members and investors obtain generous benefits, fulfillment and development; and build Treyo into the leading manufacturer for healthy and leisure equipment industry and create a “healthy and high quality life” for the community.

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